frankenstein_110So what if you knew the secret to making dead corpses come to life? There’s this guy, Dr. Frankenstein, who knows that secret. So, he’s awfully lonely, and what he basically does is say, “Oh, I’m going to get the parts of corpses and make a human!” Well, that’s exactly what he did, and it wasn’t the best idea. Frankenstein isn’t the best looking guy out there, and Dr. Frankenstein doesn’t want anything to do with him, in fact he sort of hates him. But all Frankenstein wants is love, what’s wrong with that? Well, everyone is afraid of him, and therefore everyone hates him. So (this is a qoute from the book), “If I cannot find love, I will inspire FEAR!” So he’s getting revenge on Dr. Frankenstein for creating him.  [Heather]

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