The Fire Within

Twenty-year-old David Rain has just become a Elizabeth Pennykettle’s (and her 11-year-old daughter’s) new tenant. But not everything is exactly as it seems in the Pennykettle household. They have a cat. That’s not very strange, is it? What’s really strange about the Pennykettles are the DRAGONS. Tons of them, everywhere. Sometimes they seem to flit around by themselves. But is that just David’s imagination, or is it real???

This is the first book of one my favorite series of all times: The Last Dragon Chronicles. My favorite character is probably Gadzooks throughout the entire series (and all the other dragons, but you don’t really find out much about them until the second book, I think), but I won’t say why, because that would ruin it. In this book, though, I’d say my favorite character would probably be Lucy, always on an adventure to save a squirrel, dragging David along.  [pinktlrb]

4 Responses to “The Fire Within”

  1. Fullmetal Says:

    This book is about a college student named David, who’s renting a room in the house of two strange people. The first is Lucy, a young girl with an obsession with squirrels. The second is her mother, who makes pottery dragons for a living, yet … doesn’t have a kiln. This story follows them and their many adventures.

    This book was okay, not the best I’ve read, and the cover is deceiving, you think it’ll be purely about dragons, but it’s not. Kind of a disappointment. I give it two and a half stars.

  2. destroyer12 Says:

    I got a book from this series but I don’t really like it. It’s not as adventurous as I thought it would be. ;)

  3. Gerrard 102 Says:

    A man named David Rain becomes a tenant at the Pennykettle house, which is full of clay dragons. He soon starts to write books for a little girl named Lucy. This book comes to life.

    This book was a great starter that drew me into the series. I had to read more. It was pretty funny and had some good jokes. The cliffhangers kept me reading. This book was really unique, but the author could have added more.

  4. Little Bunny Foofoo Says:

    I liked this first book, but I didn’t really like the series. At first it was a trilogy, but “oh here’s another book! ” and another and another. It just didn’t end nicely.

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