Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall

This teenage girl named Tessa gets hit in the head playing dodgeball (in school). She hits the gym floor hard and the last thing she remembers is the janitor cleaning her blood off the gym floor. Now she is soaring in heaven, or what she thinks is heaven, because it looks like the mall her parents work at. She takes a nap on the bench near the Cinnabon and she is at the hospital.   So a boy with a Drill bit in his head pulls on her oxygen cord so now she is reliving all things importing in her life.

This is one of these books that if you skip ahead, you won’t know what happened. It’s a great book, I love the way the author wrote it.  [beviediva]

4 Responses to “Heaven Looks a Lot Like the Mall”

  1. bubblefish411 Says:

    A horrible gym accident has landed 16-year-old Tessa in the hospital. How can a flying dodgeball do that? When a mysterious boy pulls the plug on her oxygen machine, Tessa looks back on her whole life, realizing and seeing things she didn’t before. In the end, she tries to figure out a question the mysterious boy asks her: why didn’t she duck when the ball came at her? An accident surely. But was it?

    I loved how the book was written. It was in poem format, but had no rhythm whatsoever. I really liked this book, and I thought the story was very interesting.

  2. SweetSkies Says:

    It sounds great! But, do you find out who that mysterious boy is? By the way – great review! :)

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