Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Well there are a lot of different stories in this book! Some stories will scare you out of your pants, ha ha! All types of TRUE  stories, and some are poems that some people say are nothing, others aren’t so sure …

I love this one story, “The Viper.”  It’s funny at the end, but at the beginning an old lady gets 3 phone calls from a guy who says, “This is the viper, I’m coming up.” The last phone call, she calls the police and they said they were coming. So then the door knocks and she thinks it’s the police! Find out what happens next by reading this book!  [hunnybunny]

3 Responses to “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”

  1. FD Says:

    There are many stories in this book. One called “Big Toe” is about a boy who finds a big toe in the ground. He pulls it out and shows it to his mother, who cooks it for dinner. His father comes home and splits it into three pieces, and everyone eats a piece. They go to bed. The boy thinks it’s all a dream until a man enters his bedroom and asks, “Did you eat my big toe?”

    This book was good. I kept hoping that the boy wouldn’t die. This book got me hooked!

  2. angelcutie 25 Says:

    This book was really funny but also scary when u sit there in the dark and read it yourself or with friends

  3. Anita Says:

    Awesome book, my favorite story was The Haunt.

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