Fear: 13 Stories of Suspense and HorrorOne of the short stories in this magnificent book is called ‘Welcome to the Club’ – it’s about how jokes can sometimes turn into the real thing and things start to get crazy. A normal teenaged boy sets up a prank with a member of a group called ‘The Killers’ and they pretend to kill someone until a joke turns into a serious murder.

Frankly, this book was awesome. I enjoyed every single detail about it. Not only was it creepy, it’s also a great book to share and chat about with your friends. My favorite short story in the book was called ‘The Perfects.’ That really scared the sweat out of me! I highly recommend this book to all of you guys. Especially if you plan on reading it in the dark with your friends.  [Chess_Horse]

One Response to “Fear”

  1. Potato Says:

    There are 13 creepy stories, 1 of them includes shadow children that try to take human form. There was this group of friends who called themselves The Killers because to join their gang you had to kill somebody, even though they did not kill anybody. This boy killed his boss to join because he was lonely.

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