Nicole is a regular teenager, she has a boyfriend and a best friend and a horrible day. So far her bf dumped her and she had an afterschool “chat” with Mr. Frost (her biology teacher) because she didn’t write her biology paper. Now she sees her best friend so they explain their days – turns out they’re both not having a good day, so Lucy (her best friend) suggests that they switch bodies. Lucy takes her to the changing wall and they switch bodies. Now Nicole goes to Lucy’s house and finds Lucy’s parents slashed and the murder weapon in Lucy’s room with a note that says “I had to kill them, I couldn’t take it anymore” – Lucy/Nicole sees so many other deaths. Will it ever end? Will she get her body back? The ending twists your mind!

I love this book, it was surprising. I loved the sad part where Margie dies by the shot put to her head. I only love that part because that’s when Nicole has everything put together. You should read it if you like suspense and, well, gruesome details.  [beviediva]

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2 Responses to “Switched”

  1. Cey-Cey Says:

    This has got to be the best book that has ever made me think so much! Switched is about a 17-year-old girl named Nicole who is feeling really depressed: her parents are staying on her, giving her no freedom. Her boyfriend just broke up with her! And she’s slacking in school. So her best friend Lucy has a way to help both of them escape their problems — Lucy takes her to the secret changing wall where two people climb to the top, hold hands, jump off to the other side, and come out with your brain in the other person’s body.

    Not realizing it would work, Nicole does it. Too bad she didn’t know that with Lucy’s body would come Lucy’s problems … and by problems I don’t mean the usual “I’m grounded for a week” type of problem, more like the “I murdered my parents, their blood is all over the living room floor with their bodies, and the knife I used is on my nightstand under a note that says ‘I HAD TO KILL THEM I COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE ~LUCY K’” type of problems.

    Now in Lucy’s body with the cops chasing her and everyone she trusted betraying her, Nicole must find Lucy, who is gone. Trust me, the ending will make you drop your mouth, it’s something no one will expect. Great for teen boys and girls, Switched is my book of the day. It blew my mind when I was done! I could say it’s addicting because there’s so much suspense and so many mouth droppers, you just won’t want to put it down!

  2. ilovesmoothies Says:

    I really want to read this book!! It sounds awesome!!

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