The Cupid War

Ricky Fallon has died by accidental suicide. He slipped off a bridge – at first he was going to jump, but he changed his mind and turned to get off, then slipped on his phone. When he died he thought he was going to heaven, but he met this angelic-like person and, well, the thing he said was funny but messed up. Anyways, Fallon has to repay his debt by becoming a Cupid, and he meets some people along the way and this mortal girl (human but of course you knew that) who can hear him and sense him. He finds out about these things called Suicides, and he has to stop them but can’t do it alone.

My favorite part was when he walked into the girls’ shower room and got caught by his friend. This book was interesting, the characters were funny, and the language was nothing I haven’t heard before, but you might not want any younger siblings looking into some parts. Awesome book, I loved it.  [beviediva]

One Response to “The Cupid War”

  1. neonREADer Says:

    Fallon just died. By accident, of course. He expected to go to heaven, but instead he gets whisked away to become a cupid. Spirits with a debt to pay are cupids, spreading love to the world. When Fallon ends up in a high school, everything changes. When he encounters a horrible realization from his past life, and the cause of his “accidental” death, Fallon finds himself on a mission to save a depressed teenager, destroy the evil suicides, and make it work with his mortal love. And he only has so much time!

    This book was one of my all time favorites. It mixes comedy, adventure, mystery, and romance into one! If you like any of those genres, this is the book for you.

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