Why the Cat Chose Us

Why the Cat Chose UsThis book tells about how cats were domesticated. It talks about cats in Egypt, and how there might even be earlier ones. This book shows pictures of many wild cats and tells how they’re similar to cats today. It explains how domestic cats are different from wild ones, along with the different breeds. I liked this book. It explained many characteristics of my pet cat that I didn’t understand. For example, you can find out why cats run around the house. It is fascinating.  [Captain Boofoo of the Pacific]

Mouse Guard: Winter 1152

Mouse Guard: Winter 1152Kenzie, Saxon, Liam, Sadie, and the Black Axe are sent out to get supplies for winter because all were lost during the battle in Fall 1152. They face many problems such as the owl, snow and ice, separation, and Darkheather. Liam and the Black Axe are separated from the others when Kenzie, Saxon, and Sadie fall into a weasel hole hidden by snow.  They are trusted to bring medicine back to Lockhaven, while Kenzie and the others have to pass through Darkheather, the weasel kingdom …

My favorite part is when one of the mice die. He is remembered by all who knew him. Also one of my favorite parts is when Saxon passes through Darkheather, he sees the dead mice who died in the war against the weasels. This book was wonderful and I hope you like it too. Book 2 of the Mouse Guard series.  [Kenzie]

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152Kenzie, Saxon,and Liam are on their way to Barkstone when they run into a cart of grain. They search for the merchant who was the owner of this cart and find that he was killed by a snake – and also discover that he was a traitor because they found a stolen map of Lockhaven in his grain. They continue their journey in search of the mouse that betrayed the guard …

My favorite character is Saxon because he’s always ready for action and his ideas are funny. Also his personality is the opposite of Kenzie’s, but they are best friends. Like all books, one of the best parts is when the bad guy is defeated, and in this book there’s more than one bad guy. Personally, my favorite part is when Liam defeats the snake. This book is very funny and enjoyable, so I hope you will read it and enjoy it as much as I did.  Book 1 of the Mouse Guard series.  [Kenzie]

The Complete Dog Book for Kids

The Complete Dog Book for KidsIf you’re ready to welcome an adorable monster into your home, try checking out this book first. It has so much about every breed you can possibly think of. This book is amazing, one of the best breed guides out there. It has every breed and even information about care, measuring and dog show expectations. From sporting to herding, Affenpinscher to Yorkshire Terrier, this book is perfect for any dog lover!  [Unicorn Eating Rainbows]

The Darkest Hour

The Darkest HourFirestar, now the leader of ThunderClan, knows that Tigerstar, leader of ShadowClan, wants to kill them. So he makes TigerClan a combination of ShadowClan and River Clan. Wind and Thunder refuse. Then Tigerstar gets some help from outside… from BloodClan.

The Darkest Hour was awesome, all action-packed, and interesting. The best part is when Firestar, my favorite character, takes the lead and confronts Scrouge, the BloodClan leader. He and his clan unite with Wind to make LionClan. When Tigerstar tells BloodClan warriors to attack and they don’t, Scrouge kills him and tells Firestar to leave the forest or they will kill all of them. You’ll have to read to find out which Clan wins in the end.  [Guesswho?]

Secret of the Sirens

Secret of the SirensMythical creatures are being disturbed by mundanes (humans). Some are taking action by killing. The “society” needs a Siren companion, but they get someone better! Connie Lion Heart has something that hasn’t been seen in a century. But when a great hero appears, so does a great villain, Kullervo!

I really enjoyed it! This book has a lot of action. It’s about mythical creatures and saving the environment. All grades can read it! The emotion is happy and tense. The highest point came when Connie got snatched off a cliff by an eagle and finally meets Kullervo. It made me laugh. It had a few surprises. There are four books in the series.  [Universal Companion]


VenomVenom mostly talks about different animals that are poisonous, what makes them poisonous, and where they are found.

I personally thought it was a great book because I love to learn.  The book has a lot of facts.  I didn’t like that some of the animals I wanted to see were not in it.  It made me laugh to see that a platypus is poisonous.  It surprised me when I found out that ants can be poisonous.  Readers that would like this story are the ones who like animals and facts.  [Gegarth34]

A Dangerous Path

adangerouspathTigerclaw tries to wipe out the Thunderclan after being exiled.  Then he becomes the leader of Shadowclan.  When he tries to destroy them, Bluestar dies saving them.

I liked the action.  It was sad when Bluestar died and she finally got to tell her kids she was their mother.  After being with a different clan cat, she had to give up her kids or something would happen.  Read the series to find out the story.  [Guesswho?]

The Dark Hills Divide

The Dark Hills DivideAlexa Daley, a small twelve-year-old girl, is going to Bridewell for part of the summer with her father.  One night, Alexa is out on a walk with a man named Warvold.  Before they could get back to the house, Warvold dies.  Alexa takes a small key from the necklace he is wearing and goes back.  This key and special jewels, called jacostas, unlock a secret tunnel and takes Alexa outside the walls she has lived in all her life.  She meets a small man and talking animals who help her to save her city from mass destruction.

I liked this book.  It was very slow and unexciting in the beginning, but as the book progresses, it gets more exciting and there’s more action.  The end is very interesting.  [Soapie]

Wolf Brother

Wolf BrotherSo basically this kid Torak’s father dies by this bear taken over by a demon.  Then Torak’s father tells him to run and stay away from the clan that lives in that area, and that his guide would find him and take him to the moutain of the spirits.  So his guide does find him, and it’s a wolf, and the coolest part is that he can talk to it.  Later in the story he gets captured by the raven clan, and even though they slow down his quest, he finds this cool girl named Renn.  So all three start on this quest.  Through it all they find 3 nanurks that prove he is worthy of the spirit’s help.

This is a very good book for people who like animals and adventures.  The next 2 books are in the OMMS media center, but not the next 3 yet, so go to a public library.  [wolf clan forever]


midnightFour clans of cats that live pleasantly in a forest have always loved their home.  But when humans come to destroy it, the four clans must join together to travel the farthest journey any cat has ever gone on to find a new home.  The problem is, the clans are rivals and joining together won’t be easy.  I thought this was an awesome and very interesting book.  It’s the first one of the Warriors: The New Prophecy series.  I’ve read it over and over again, it’s so interesting!  I love how the chapters travel back and forth from cat to cat.  I think this series is better than the first original Warriors series.  [The Eaten Sandwich]

Firestar’s Quest

Firestar's QuestLet me say that this was not one of the best books Erin Hunter has written.  Sure, it was a good book, but finding out that Firestar is destined to do all the great things in the Warrior world isn’t that assuring.  I mean, honestly, give it to someone else and keep the spotlight off him.  The New Prophecy series actually did that, and it wasn’t half bad.  But as always, the great Firestar took a very large part in it.  Good luck with taking the spotlight off Firestar, Erin Hunter. :)  [Jadefang22]

Elephant Run

This was seriously one of the BEST books I have ever read.  It’s about this boy named Nick who is sent to his dad’s plantation after the Japanese blow up their apartment building.  His dad owns a Timber Plantation where the elephants do the work.  When Nick arrives his dad has a lot of work to do.  Nick is not thrilled about that, so he looks around the place.  He then gets beaten up by his old playmate Hannibul (an elephant).  He went to the plantation to be protected, but the Japanese soon take over and keep almost everyone Nick knows hostage. Will Nick be able to find his dad?  [Frogcactus704]

Into the Wild

intothewildCats, cats, and more cats!!  I suggest if you love cats to read this book.  The only problem with that is that they talk.  They all live in the wild.  They’re divided into clans.  Rusty is your average house cat and has a decision to make.  Does he join the Thunder Clan??  To join or not to join …  [ladybug28]

Martin the Warrior

Martin is a mouse at Marshank, an evil place where he and dozens of other slaves are forced to work for the Tyrant Badrang.  But a stroke of luck comes when the sister of Brome, another slave, comes to rescue him, along with Martin and his friend Felldoh.  But shortly after escaping, they get separated at sea.  Now Brome and Felldoh must hide with a band of performers, and attempt to overthrow Marshank.  This book is a prequel to Redwall.  It has lots of action, adventure and comedy, with an ending you’ll never see coming.  [Fullmetal]


This book is part of the Redwall series.  Triss, a young squirrel, and some of her friends, escape spending the rest of their lives as slaves at Riftgard, by stealing a boat.  But they are quickly pursued by Keyla, an evil sword-wielding princess, and the rest of her soldiers.  Plus, they’ve hired a team of pirates!

At Redwall Abbey, they’re having their own troubles.  An unknown creature is stalking the woodlanders, and it all has to do with a mysterious place called Brockhall.  What could escaped slaves, runaways, mysterious creaures and an ancient place all have to do with each other?  Read to find out!  [Fullmetal]

Fire and Ice

fireandiceFireheart and Graystripe have been through a lot.  They were made warriors after they got rid of Brokenstar (the former leader of ShadowClan).  Danger is still around, and for knowing too much you might die … or get murdered.

But when Graystripe falls in love, he has to prove to Fireheart where his loyalties lie.  [kittycub123]

The Sight

warriorssight_110Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit have a strong heritage. They are the kits of Squirrelflight, daughter of the Clan leader Firestar, and Brambleclaw, ThunderClan’s deputy. All three have special talents and show promise as warriors. But Jaykit’s blindness often gets in the way. Although he can see into the minds of the cats surrounding him, and can see in his dreams, he cannot see the world around him, and Leafpool has offered him a different future. But he wants to be a warrior so much …

When the three become warriors, problems begin. Jaypaw is upset over being given one-eyed Brightheart as a mentor, especially since she refuses to treat him as a normal apprentice. How can he be a warrior if all Brightheart does is treat him like a dopey kit? What if Leafpool is right? What if he is meant to be a medicine cat?

Lionpaw is doing well under his mentor Ashfur. He caught a vole on his first day, and he is a quick hunter. But when he goes to his first gathering, he immediately falls in love with a beautiful WindClan apprentice named Heatherpaw. How can he be a loyal ThunderClan warrior if he loves a cat from another Clan?

Hollypaw has dreamed of being a medicine cat apprentice ever since Leafpool treated Jaypaw’s wounds.  But when she starts her training under Leafpool, she soon discovers she’d rather fight ShadowClan warriors then fight illness. But how can she give up her dream as a medicine cat?

All three try and dig deeper into who they are, and are surprised at what they find.  A very good book, the first in the Power of Three arc.  [Jordan]

Dark River

darkriverJaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw are doing well as ThunderClan apprentices. Lionpaw shows good promise in the hunting department, and Hollypaw is an excellent fighter. As for Jaypaw, his skillful knowledge of herbs and his ability to see into the minds of others help him in his medicine cat training.

But soon Heatherpaw, a beautiful WindClan apprentice, tempts Lionpaw into meeting in secret. They use some undiscovered tunnels that connect their territories. Lionpaw feels certain that these meetings aren’t hurting anyone, but his confidence diminishes as he becomes too tired to do well in training. And when the vengeful spirits of Tigerstar and Hawkfrost offer to train him in all they know, Lionpaw wonders which is more important: his future as a warrior, or the she-cat he loves.

Soon, more cats have been drawn into the tunnels, and when the dark river rises, and threatens to drown them, they have to rely on their wits. Can they outrace the dark river?  [Jordan]


fell_110Fell, the loner wolf, walks alone in the great land of Translyvania with no one to talk to, no one to be with. Rumors have spread about the black wolf, stories that are used to scare puppies into obedience. Fell is more alone than he has ever been before.

Alina WovenWord is a young girl who lives with a farmer named Malduv. The man and his wife, Ranna, have disguised the fifteen year old girl as a boy, and work her twice as hard as one. Her only friend is Malduv’s young niece Mia, and their two sheepdogs, Elak and Teela. She was found by Malduv in the snow when she was no older than eight, and she is called a changeling, a goblin child. But Alina knows that she is human, and dreams of discovering who she really is. Hard as she tries, however, she can only remember glimpses of her past. The only solid thing she has of the past is the strange mark of a steppe eagle drawn on her arm.

One night a dream comes to Fell. His dead sister Larka gives him a warning, showing him a human cub with a steppe eagle on its arm. Larka tells him that the cub’s actions will shape the future of all of nature, and that he must help the cub and find the Guardian. Fell sets out, ready to fulfill his task, confused about who this Guardian is. In his journey, he discovers that he can speak to more than just birds.  Sequel to the book The Sight.  [Jordan]

The Sight

sight_110Huttser and Palla, leaders of a small wolf pack, are blessed with two small puppies. Larka, the female with a beautiful white pelt, and Fell, a fierce black male. Both puppies are growing up surrounded by stories. And one of the most common ones is of the Sight, an ancient power that allows a wolf to look through the eyes of a bird and to look into the water and see the future.

But another story surrounds the puppies, Larka especially. It is a prophecy, and it speaks of a pup with a coat that is white and a human child being stolen. As Larka’s evil, misunderstood aunt Morgra grows stronger in power with the help of her raven Kraar, and when Fell drowns in a river, Larka and her friend Kar must discover the meaning of the prophecy with the help of a steppe eagle named Skart, a human child named Bran, and an old wolf named Tsarr. Will Larka be able to defeat Morgra and the ancient prophecy telling of the coming of the Man Varg, or will Larka shy away from Morgra’s threat of making her “fight love itself”?

An awesome book, look for its sequel Fell when you’re done.  [Jordan]


warriorsoutcast_110bThunderClan’s three apprentices Lionpaw, Hollypaw, and Jaypaw have heard the whispers of the mountains, the tugging of the mountain breeze, and they long to journey to the home of the Tribe of Rushing Water. Stormfur and Brook have lived in ThunderClan longer than Jaypaw and his siblings have been alive, yet neither cat feels at home under tree and leaf. Lionpaw and Hollypaw wish to learn of the ways of a different kind of clan, and to explore a new kind of territory. But Jaypaw feels drawn more to the Tribe of Endless Hunting, the ancestors in the mountains.  Will they get to the mountains?  Part of the Warriors series.  [Jordan]


warriorseclipse_110ThunderClan apprentices Lionpaw, Hollypaw, and Jaypaw have returned from the mountains, a terrible secret hovering in their minds. Jaypaw has finally shared the prophecy with his littermates, and the ominous words of the strange old cat haunts the nights of the littermates.

Lionpaw shares the prophecy with his midnight mentors, Hawkfrost and Tigerstar. They laugh at him, tell him the prophecy’s not real, but Lionpaw knows it is. The power of the stars burned in his paws as he beat an entire tribe single-pawed, and he came out unscratched. Why won’t Tigerstar believe him?

Hollypaw struggles to understand the meaning of the prophecy, and is desperate to find where the warrior code fits into it. She is desperate to defend the warrior code, and will fight to defend it.

Jaypaw dives deeper into his powers, struggling to understand why he and his littermates were given their powers in the first place. And when a strange new loner named Sol arrives, the world of the clans is turned upside down.  When the sun goes out, will StarClan try to keep the clans together? Or have ThunderClan’s ancestors finally admitted defeat?

Part of the Warriors series.  [Jordan]