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17 thoughts on “Request a Book

  1. I would like to check out the first pretty little liars book tomorrow, but I don’t want anyone else to check it out in the meantime. Can you pull it out for me and I will pick it up during lunch? Thanks!

  2. I’m curious if you will ever get Guinness World Records 2013. I really want to read it but it’s soooo expensive. Could you get it?

    • Thank you for asking! If you’re asking for a book that’s already in our Media Center, we put your name into the circulation computer, and when the book is returned the computer tells us to let you know it’s back.

      If you’re asking us to buy a new book, the title lands on our shopping list, and the next time I’m making book purchases I check to see if the book has received positive reviews in professional library journals. If it’s reviewed positively for a middle school audience, I can buy it and add it to our collection — then we all get to read it!

  3. I have a question can u get any Creepover books its a series if u want ill a book or two in for u to see. Its a great series for any age from 7or 6 to any other age. Take my word for it its awesome I have book 1 to 15 I loved it I still do.

    If you can get the book or series (doesn’t matter) that would be great because I know my friends ask to read them (they ask to borrow them from me).

  4. i would love the books selection, bewitching, kissed, love torn, what happened to goodbye, smart girls get what they want, and cinder

    • Thank you for the suggestion! This book is reviewed for a high school audience and is in the OMHS Media Center, so our students can look forward to checking it out when they graduate. They can also borrow it from Howard County Library …

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