Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy KidA kid named Greg who got a diary that his mom bought for him. One day he starts to write “personal stuff” in it. He has a friend named Rowley, and they spend all their time together playing video games. Then one day it’s back to school. There is a big stinky cheese for Greg and Rowley …

I like the part when Greg was about to touch the cheese and get the cheese touch. I also liked it when Rodrick (Greg’s brother) tries to take the “book” from Greg, because the fight was so hilarious, I can’t even explain it because it was so good. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series has been my favorite, I have all of them at home.  [firemaster12345101]

The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: How Greg Heffley Went Hollywood

This is mainly about the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie shown in theaters. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it tells you about it, kind of like a summary. The good thing is that it doesn’t give “spoiler alerts.”  My favorite part in the book is the part when they show the actors for the movie. It’s like the real people. What they did was see if the two kids could act like the friends Greg and Rowley.  [TMGamer131]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw

laststraw_110Greg Heffley is your average middle school boy who hates life … and all the problems he has to face, such as his prankster brother Rodrick, his embarrassing friend Rowley, and his desperate attempts to impress a girl. Along with these problems, Greg’s dad wants to send Greg to a summer military school! Uh-oh, the big red buzzer is going off! Greg now has to show his dad that he’s NOT a wimp, and can be strong (when he wants to) … but all his attempts are failing! But will this one last trick work?

I finished this book over 2 days, and I could’ve finished it in one (if it wasn’t for sleeping), but the main point is that this is a book that you can’t stop reading until you’ve finished!  [Zaynah]


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