Clockwork Angel

Tessa travels to London from America in search of her older brother Nate, and with his slight addiction to alcohol it was no mystery he vanished. When her boat docks, she is greeted by “The Dark Sisters” – at least, that’s what Tessa calls them. Ms. Dark and Ms. Black lure her in with a promise that Nate sent them to get her. They lied. The Dark Sisters imprisoned Nate and are using Tessa and her ‘gift’ as they call it to please a notorious man called “The Magister.” When a mysterious boy named Will enters her life, Tessa must learn to get along with him, control her newfound gift, and find her brother.

This book takes place in the 16th century and is a prequel to The Mortal Instruments series. I was immediately taken in when Will’s character entered the story. His constant use of sarcasm and witty personality keep the book alive with humor. You should give this book a look.  [NeonREADer101]

City of Bones

This book is about a girl named Clary who has a mom, her mom’s best friend Luke, and a best friend named Simon. She thinks that she has a normal life … until she finds out that her dad Valentine, who’s supposedly dead, is alive first of all, but is also evil and wants to turn everyone into a Shadowhunter and his slave. A Shadowhunter is basically a demon hunter who uses marks to give them certain powers. So Clary one day meets some Shadowhunters named Jace, Isabelle, and Alec. When they find out that Clary’s mom was once a Shadowhunter, they take her in and she secretly vists them for a while, learning about Shadowhunters and trying to figure out where her dad is hiding. On this journey she finds out that she loves Jace and Jace loves her. They will do everything in their power to keep it that way.

I absolutely loved this book!  Once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down.  I would recommend this book to everyone!  It has all sorts of things like action, drama, romance, and a little bit of violence.  If you do read it, the next ones in the series are City of Ashes, City of Glass, and City of Fallen Angels.  Book 1 of The Mortal Instruments.  [KATNISS 21]


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