Son of Neptune

Percy Jackson tries to get to a camp and two gordons start to chase him and an old lady says him to carry her to a camp. After Percy gets to a camp he meets two new friends and goes on a dangerous journey. Both of his friends should have died. Hazel should have died 70 years ago and Frank should have died as a child, but his life depended on a burnt stick. He still has not been claimed by the gods of Olympus. Frank Zhangs has a power he tries to figure out.

I like when Percy becomes jealous of the power Frank has because he wants the power that belongs to Poseidon. I would recommend this book people who like myths.  Book 2 of The Heroes of Olympus series.  [Whatever]

The Last Olympian

Percy Jackson and his friend Bekendorf, who are demigods, have a plan to bomb the titan lord Kronos’ ship so he can’t capture Olympus, but the plan fails and Bekendorf dies. He returns home with sad news (everyone expected great news from him). The Titan War starts, and Nico traps Percy for his father Hades because he wants to know about his past (Nico can’t remember anything before he was 8). Percy, son of Poseidon, gets help from Nick, and he bathes in the River Styx for invulnerability.

My favorite character is Percy Jackson because he shows tons of talents, like bathing in the River Styx, though he knew nobody had ever done it other than his friend Luke, son of Hermes, who came in Kronos’ team and became Kronos’ body. Percy also defeated the titans, who no hero demigod, not even Hercules, was able to deafeat.  Book 5 of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.  [Pj#1fan]

The Lost Hero

The Lost HeroJason Grace is confused, he woke up on a bus holding holding a girl’s hand he apparently doesn’t know, and he has no memory of how he got in the situation he’s in. He ends up going to a special camp called Camp-Half Blood. While he’s there he goes on a quest, battles a giant, and regains some of his memory.

This book is related to Greek and Roman mythology, so I recommend it to anyone interested in mythology.  Book 1 of The Heroes of Olympus series.  [#1 Percy Jackson fan]

The Mark of Athena

Annabeth is scared, just when she’s about to be united with her boyfriend Percy after six months of being apart. Camp Jupiter looks like it’s preparing for battle. She hopes that the sight of their leader Jason will let them know they mean no harm. Also in her pocket she carries a gift from her mother Athena that came with a forceful demand: “Follow the Mark of Athena – avenge me.” She feels weighed down about the quest to find The Doors of Death, so she asks herself what more does her mother want from her?

My favorite characters in this book are Percy, Jason, and Frank. Percy has the ability to breathe underwater and control water, Jason can summon lightning and can fly, and Frank can turn into anything.  Book 3 of The Heroes of Olympus series.  [#1 Percy Jackson fan]

The Lightning Thief

lightningthiefThis book is about a boy, Percy Jackson, and his crippled friend Grover, who is actually a satyr (half goat, half man).  They go on an adventure with their also-crippled Latin teacher, Mr. Brunner, who is not actually a Latin teacher – he teaches demigods to defend themselves from monsters that will try to kill them, and he isn’t crippled because he can’t walk, but because he is a centaur (half horse, half man).

I really love this book because I usually wonder what it would be like to live back when there were Greek animals, gods, demigods, and people, and this story just gives me a better understanding of what it was like back then. If I never read this book, I would have never watched the movie and written this rave!  Book 1 of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.  [SpaceUnicorn1234]

The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid After Carter and Sadie’s mother’s death, Sadie has been living with their grandparents in London and Carter travels the world with their father. On one visit to see Sadie, they go to the British Museum. Their father is encased inside a coffin and now they realize they are Egyptian Magicians. It is their job to find their father and destroy Set. You can listen to the recordings of Sadie and Carter as they go on their journey to find their father and destroy Set. And maybe bring back their mother?

I loved Sadie. She was such a diva. Not the typical English girl you would expect. She was actually a BIG source of reading hieroglyphs and opening stuff. Carter, on the other hand, was good at telling the histories and stories. I would definitely recommend this book.  [SUPER-NUGGET-PIE-:-)]

The Maze of Bones

Meet one of the most amazing families of the world in this story. Dan and Amy have to find all of the clues because somebody had died.  This book was very cool with many exciting scenes. It was hard sometimes to find the clues. My favorite characters were Dan and Amy because they had to find the clues.  [SR]

The Battle of the Labyrinth

battleofthelabyrinth_110Percy the main character has to go to his mom’s boyfriend’s school and gets expelled on orientation.  He meets a strange girl that can see through the mist. Next thing you know, Annabeth and Percy have to wait on their date, and then they go to Camp Half Blood. They’re sent on a quest inside the labyrinth, where they find Nico, the son of Hades. They summon Bianca to tell the truth, and Nico forgives Percy. Then Percy has a dream about Deadulus killing his nephew Perdix.  I love this book, especially the details.  [peacemaker299]

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The Sea of Monsters

The Sea of MonstersPercy, Annabeth, and Grover are back in an exciting new journey!  After a year at Percy’s new school he has no trouble with monsters or anything – but on the last day, monsters attack him playing dodgeball.  Then at Camp Half Blood, the borders are poisoned by Luke.  Then Percy meets his half brother Tyson, who is a Cyclops.  Then Percy’s brother and his friends have to go on a quest to get the golden fleece, which will protect the camp’s borders.

I  thought this book was filled with action and epic moments.  It’s a must read books, so read it!  I recommend it to everyone ages 3-up.  [Finn the Human]

The Titan’s Curse

Percy joins his friends on a quest to save Annabeth and the goddess Artemis. They fight skeletons, gods, and a boar? What else could go wrong?

So far, this is the most unique book in the Percy Jackson series. There’s still no real new aspect of fantasy from this book. It’s still enjoyable though.  Book 3 of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.  [DarkFaerie]


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