Eyes of the Storm

eyesofthestorm_1101Bone and his friends are relaxing at their farm, but that night Bone and Thorn, his friend, start having strange dreams. The next day a giant storm hits, soaking his cousins who are on a trip to town. I’d tell you more, but that would spoil the story wouldn’t it?

This is the 3rd book in the Bone series, but it explains the last 2 books very well. It has great humor, and adventure later in the book. I recommend this book for all people who like adventure & humor.  [HadokenBanjo]

Independence Hall

IQ and Angela’s parents get married, so now they are stepbrother and stepsister. Their parents, who are musicians, are going on tour after the wedding. IQ’s mom’s friend comes along. He knows so many things, even from 100 years ago. He knows every city in the U.S. IQ and Angela are wondering why he knows so much. Their mom tells them that he had a dog that looked exactly like the one she had 30 years ago. Read to find out why their mom’s friend knows so much. It is a little strange, but you will definitely like the book. Book 1 of the I.Q. series.  [Finn the Human]

Bone: Tall Tales

Smiley Bone tells some scouts, while they are camping in the woods, a bunch of stories about their culture and who founded their town, Boneville.  I thought it was a really funny, cool, and exciting book. It’s part of the Bone series which I love too. If you want to know what happens in the stories, read it!  [Finn the Human]

Out from Boneville

outfromboneville_110A guy named Fone Bone and his cousins named Phoney and Smiley Bone get run out from Boneville (their home) into a desert, and they find this big valley and survive. Fone finds a girl named Thorn who takes Fone back to her house to help him. Fone tells her how he was run out of Boneville.Thorn says she will help him get back home even though she has not heard of Boneville.

I think anyone of any age would like this book! I really liked how the author put this graphic novel together. So I recommend for anyone to read this exciting book!!  [Finn the Human]


peak_110Peak is about a boy who finds himself climbing Mt. Everest.  This is after he gets into trouble for climbing a skyscraper – it was jail or Everest.  He finds friends, gets annoyed, gets mad, and almost tops the highest mountain in the world.

I enjoyed this book because it was entertaining.  I wanted to keep reading and find out what would happen at the end.  The only thing that I didn’t like was that I sometimes got confused when they talked about the climbing gear and the description of where they were climbing.  What surprised me is that he didn’t top the mountain – he let his friend do it instead.  Also, I was surprised at how inconsiderate his father was.  Over the course of the story, he realizes not to always put yourself first, like his father does.  [miss talkative]

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Elephant Run

This was seriously one of the BEST books I have ever read.  It’s about this boy named Nick who is sent to his dad’s plantation after the Japanese blow up their apartment building.  His dad owns a Timber Plantation where the elephants do the work.  When Nick arrives his dad has a lot of work to do.  Nick is not thrilled about that, so he looks around the place.  He then gets beaten up by his old playmate Hannibul (an elephant).  He went to the plantation to be protected, but the Japanese soon take over and keep almost everyone Nick knows hostage. Will Nick be able to find his dad?  [Frogcactus704]

Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet

howsoursaltysweetAna Shen is about to deliver the salutatorian speech when disaster strikes.  Ana is unable to give her speech.  Ana’s family is very multicultural, so when her crush and best friend are invited to dinner, she has to help.  Both sides of her family hate each other except for her mom and her dad.  When one side gives money, the other side gives more money.  They are always one-upping each other.  What will happen when dinner is ready?  Will it be ready in time?  How will her crush act around her?  Will she get some unexpected guests??  [Vampire #1]

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The Geography of Girlhood

Have you ever read a book that actually was not a book?  Well, then you might have read this one.  The Geography of Girlhood is all told though poems.

Penny Morrow is your average girl.  She has a boyfriend.  She has a sister named Elaine, and a dad.  Her mom died.  Her dad starts dating this woman.  Will Penny’s dad get married?  Will she get any more siblings?  What will happen between her and her boyfriend?  [Text-A-Holic]

The Great Cow Race

greatcowrace_110Finally reunited!  Fone, Smiley and Phoney are back together, and Phoney is back to his old tricks and schemes, this time to ruin the cow races.  Grandma Ben is the fastest runner in the valley.  Since everybody bets on Grandma to win, Phoney persuaded everyone to bet against her.  If this messes up, Phoney is really going to be in for it.  Second in the Bone series.  [Jackie]

Cryptid Hunters

cryptidhuntersThis is possibly my favorite book ever written.  This book is about Marty and Grace, two outgoing 13-year-olds.  One day they get pulled out of school and dropped in a jungle by a mysterious uncle who’s trying to help them.  This is a great book for anyone who loves an adventure.  This book will leave you wanting a sequel!

- Savannah

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Keeping the Night Watch


father gone, now back

how could you do this to us

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